VIDEOS: Approximately 2 hours total

**if viewers watch 1 market alignment video



WORKSHEETS: Approximately 1 hour




WEEKLY WEBINAR: Approximately 1 hour


4 HOURS to dedicate each week

Mindful Practices: 

Cultural Sentiment:

Design Aesthetics:

Guest Speaker:

Market Alignment:

30 minutes

15 minutes

40 minutes

10-20 minutes

10-20 minutes per market

Each of our Cultural Sentiments for FW 21/22 will be explored in an individual, unique learning module released over the course of 4 weeks.

Each module will include:

Week 1


A communal craving for honest simplicity and wholesome satisfaction drives Goodness. We focus on what it means to be human and the fundamental pleasures of the present moment.


Week 2


As we come to understand the importance of allowing our minds to wander, we no longer look down upon daydreams, fantasies, mysticism, and hallucinations and instead see them as the lifeblood of innovation.


Week 3


We acknowledge that the answers we seek are found on the other side of our fears, leading us to take a great leap off the edge. In our free fall, we find new wellsprings of creativity, and heightened inner knowledge.


Week 4


A continually evolving society of differences demands to be recognized, reconsidered, and rewritten. In the face of dividing tensions, we join forces to make amends and co-write the script of the future.