Week 1


A communal craving for honest simplicity and wholesome satisfaction drives Goodness. Despite being jaded, worn out, and burnt out, we hold onto optimism and creature comforts to keep our imaginations burning. No longer caring about what’s a guilty pleasure and what’s simply pleasure, our anxious minds just want to settle on what’s good.

Big ideas include:

    - The touch epidemic
    - Wholesome content
    - Outdated newness
    - Lessadence
    - The magic of the mundane

What we will address:

    - The cultural context and drivers behind Goodness
    - How Goodness will continue to evolve and manifest
    - The impact Goodness will have on color, materials,
    patterns & graphics, and overall design aesthetics
    - How Goodness will translate into product for each market

Video break down:

    - Cultural Sentiment Videos: 15 minutes
    - Design Aesthetic Videos: 40 minutes
    - Market Alignment Videos: 10-20 minutes per market

Guest Speakers

Words of wisdom from

Cultural alignment interview with

Laura Plumb.png

Laura Plumb

VedaWise, Founder and Director


Andrew Kung

Body awareness practice with


Barbara Droubay

Life Artists, Founding Director