Week 2


As we come to understand the importance of allowing our minds to wander, we no longer look down upon daydreams, fantasies, mysticism, and hallucinations and instead see them as the lifeblood of innovation. Curiosities will define our new decade in the realm of virtual reality, CGI, and Artificial Intelligence.

Big ideas include:

    - Cyber escapism
    - Biophilia
    - Techno identities
    - Magic & mysticism
    - The virtual economy

What we will address:

    - The cultural context and drivers behind Wonder
    - How Wonder will continue to evolve and manifest
    - The impact Wonder will have on color, materials,
    patterns & graphics, and overall design aesthetics
    - How Wonder will translate into product for each market

Video break down:

    - Cultural Sentiment Videos: 15 minutes
    - Design Aesthetic Videos: 40 minutes
    - Market Alignment Videos: 10-20 minutes per market

Guest Speakers

Words of wisdom from

Cultural alignment interviews with

Laura Plumb.png

Elizabeth Gilbert


Isabella Lalonde

Artist, Designer, Founder of Beepy Bella

Sound journey led by


Casey Karr & Hatim Belyamani


Yaquí Rodriguez