Week 3


We live in a world obsessed with comfort. Technologies, products, and services all promise us frictionless ease and cozy security blankets. Yet, true growth is gained in moments where our limits are realized. Thus, a movement towards embracing fear arises as we begin to view discomfort as a necessary caveat to self discovery.

Big ideas include:

    - Brain pharmacy
    - Eco-anxiety
    - Brutalist comfort
    - Adaptive essentialism
    - Flow states

What we will address:

    - The cultural context and drivers behind Edge
    - How Edge will continue to evolve and manifest
    - The impact Edge will have on color, materials,
    patterns & graphics, and overall design aesthetics
    - How Edge will translate into product for each market

Video break down:

    - Cultural Sentiment Videos: 15 minutes
    - Design Aesthetic Videos: 40 minutes
    - Market Alignment Videos: 10-20 minutes per market

Guest Speakers

Words of wisdom from

Cultural alignment interviews with

Laura Plumb.png

Fernando Ausin


David Pearce

Transhumanist Theorist + Author of The Hedonistic Imperative

Breathwork practice with


Ashley Ludman


Hugh Herr

Director of Biomechatronics, MIT Media Lab