Week 4


How do we build upon our past in order to open up the future? As we move toward an increasing epidemic of loneliness and polarization, the need for community bonds and empathetic connection will be overwhelming. As a result, a new standard for morality will be cultivated as a new generation champions social justice and confronts outdated ideologies.

Big ideas include:

    - Process-driven design
    - The interdependent ecosystem
    - Appreciation vs. appropriation
    - Democratizing reality
    - Rebranding heritage

What we will address:

    - The cultural context and drivers behind Amend
    - How Amend will continue to evolve and manifest
    - The impact Amend will have on color, materials,
    patterns & graphics, and overall design aesthetics
    - How Amend will translate into product for each market

Video break down:

    - Cultural Sentiment Videos: 15 minutes
    - Design Aesthetic Videos: 40 minutes
    - Market Alignment Videos: 10-20 minutes per market

Guest Speakers

Words of wisdom from

Cultural alignment interview with

Laura Plumb.png

Savon Bartley


Mario Moore

Qigong practice with


Eli Buren