"The mindful practices are amazing. I try to utilize practices like these in my creative process, so happy to see them being elevated by an agency such as FS. The interactive platform is constructed very well, love the notes section and how easy it is to flip back and forth through the presentations. The content is very of the moment and it's helpful to have some shape to this experience when day to day life seems so chaotic.

I would highly recommend this to friends and colleagues.”

— Art Director


Fashion Snoops’ Heart-Led Online Program Aims to Fuel Creativity

In order to deal with the uncertainties wrought by the pandemic, the trend-forecasting firm has launched a program of mindfulness practices to help designers.

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Trend expert Lilly Berelovich forecasts

retail’s rebirth

What’s in store for fashion and retail in the second half of 2020 has become the million dollar question. Should the industry return to tried and true strategies or strike out on a new quest for innovation?